eBoost PAGE® product line a complete offer from finished datapage to hinge inlay and electronic component.

  • SPS can supply hinge and electronic components to
    allow customers to make their own datapage.
  • Possibility to include a vast range of security features from
    artwork design, to special inks or lamination plates etc.
    The security features list is available upon request.
Datapage Visible Page 02.jpg

Components embed exclusive features actively mitigating attacks and at the same time fastening controls :

• Watermark inside the datapage :
  Custom Antenna Image (CAI®)
• Contactless module with logo :
  Custom Module Image (CMI®)
• Custom Hinge Image : unique patterns
  made of aluminium on the hinge (CHI®)
• Anti-splitting feature : specific patterns
  placed inside of the datapage making  
  attacks by splitting and delamination tamper-evident