SPS brings to the contactless market an attractive alternative based on a unique and patented technology, providing high performances in terms of reliability and durability. A microchip in a contactless mode communicates though radiofrequency (RF). The presence of an antenna in the card body is necessary to transmit to a receptor the information contained in the micro-module including the chip.

The reliability weakness of traditional dual interface cards is the physical interconnection between the micro-module and the antenna.

SPS has developed a unique process based on the electromagnetic coupling between the antenna and the micro-module. This process represents a technological breakthrough in the sector of contactless products.

The SPS technology, by suppressing the constraint of the physical interconnection, ensures a degree of reliability and durability never achieved before and greatly simplifies the production flow of the product for its customers.

SPS is able to deliver extremely robust end products and offer mechanical characteristics never achieved before. Electromagnetic coupling between the antenna and the micro-module.