SPS Embedded Contactless Module is now available for volume shipments

ROUSSET,  FRANCE,  June11,  2012- Smart Packaging Solutions’ Embedded Contactless Module is now available for mass  production.  This  patent-protected  technology  from  SPS  allows  Identity
Document  producers  to  manufacture  contactless  smart  cards  the  same  way, and with the same equipment as contact cards, thus leading to better quality cards and higher yields.
SPS  announces  that  its  award-winning Embedded   Contactless   Module   technology   is   now   available   for   quantity shipments.  With  this  technology,  card  manufacturers  are  able  to manufacture their cards combining card bodies, with inlays without chips, and, at the end of the  process,  to  embed  a  micro-module  supporting  the  chip.  This  way, the manufacturing process is identical for contact, contactless and dual technology cards,  allowing  the  smart  card  manufacturer  to  take  advantage  of  the  same production  equipment.  Card  vendors  only  have  to  support  one  process  making their  production  organization  and  management  procedures  more  cost-efficient. Thanks to SPS Embedded Contactless Module, yields for contactless cards are now comparable to those of contact cards.  
Imprimerie  Nationale,  the  French  national  printer  has  already  adopted  SPS Embedded  Contactless  Module  process,  to  manufacture  many  of  its  identity documents,  including  foreign  resident  cards,  among  others.  The  process  has allowed  Imprimerie  Nationale  to  develop  a  very  flexible  manufacturing  process while guaranteeing high yields.  

“With SPS Embedded Contactless Module, we are now able to better follow the  variety  of  requests  coming  from  governments,  and  to  deliver  easily  contact, contactless and dual technology cards. We now embed modules the same way for all three types of cards, allowing our yields to become a lot better than with the previous  process,  based  on  classical  inlays,”  said  Mr.  Didier  TRUTT,  CEO  at Imprimerie Nationale.  SPS  Embedded  Contactless  Module  won  a  Sesame  award, in  November  2011,during the CARTES & Identification trade show in Paris.  
Previously,  to  manufacture  contactless  cards,  manufacturers  used  to  purchase inlays in sheets already mounted with the chip, and then, to laminate them with plastic  card  sheets.  The  result  of  this  method  was  that  many  functional  chips were  lost  when  they  were  laminated  with  defective  card  bodies.  For  instance, card bodies defects may come from printing issues, hologram stamping issues, or the  polycarbonate  material  may  have  crept…  This  process  led  to  throw  away many good functional chips because of defective card bodies, thus increasing the global cost of functional finished products.  
Now,    with    Smart    Packaging    Solutions’ Embedded   Contactless   Module,   contactless
cards  are  manufactured  the  same  way  as traditional   contact   cards.   Antennas   are delivered    by    SPS    to    contactless    card manufacturers in the form of sheets, without the chip, they are then laminated with plastic card  sheets.  After  this  lamination  step,  the card  manufacturer  is  able  to  eliminate  card bodies  affected  by  printing,  hologram,  or  material  defects.  These  eliminated card bodies do not carry a chip, therefore representing a minimal cost. After this step,  the  card  manufacturer  embeds  the  chip,  in  the  form  of  a  micro-module, delivered by SPS, fixing a good functional chip in a good well-printed card body.  
As  a  result  of  this  technology,  only  card  bodies  with  printing  defects,  without chips  are  thrown  away.  Good  chips  are  always  embedded  in  good  cards.  The whole process allows to achieve yields well over 99%, in line with the traditional contact card manufacturing process yields.  
About SPS
With more than 20 years of experience in the field of smart card technologies, Smart Packaging Solutions is specialized in the design, manufacturing and sale of contactless solutions dedicated to ID cards, e-passport and dual interface banking cards. Headquartered in Rousset, France, SPS employs 100 people. The company specializes  in  contactless  and  dual-interface  products,  with  a recognized  micro packaging  expertise.  SPS  has  filed  over  120  patents  supporting  its  exclusive
technologies. More information at www.s-p-s.com
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