Already 50 million cardholders worldwide enjoy the benefits of SPS Dual 6 banking cards and ID documents

Smart  Packaging  Solutions  (SPS),  a  world  leader  in  contactless  and  dual  interface  card  manufacturing technologies, is proud to announce that its “Dual6” micromodule technology is now adopted by numerous issuers worldwide for their banking cards leading to the deployment of more than 50 million units in the hands of cardholders.
ROUSSET, FRANCE, May 28, 2018 – Specially developed by SPS having in mind the needs for smart card vendors operating on highly competitive markets, the Dual 6 micromodules allow them to integrate easily dual interface cards  in  their  product  offer.  Dual  6  micromodules  are  based  on  SPS  eBooster®  technology  allowing  to manufacture dual interface cards, that operate in contact and contactless modes, thanks to electromagnetic coupling between the antenna and the module (no physical connection between the chip and the antenna).
SPS Dual 6 micromodules have exactly the same dimensions and physical characteristics as regular contact micromodules. This way, smart card manufacturers can seamlessly expand their offer to dual interface cards without  having  to  invest  in  costly  new  manufacturing  tools.  In  addition,  they  gain  in  flexibility  as  they  can produce batches of contact cards and dual interface cards on the same equipment, without any modification.
This way, smart card vendors that choose SPS Dual 6 micromodules are in the best position to support financial institutions worldwide in their evolution from contact cards to dual interface cards. Especially card issuers in Russia, the CIS and North as well as Latin America are in the process of switching massively from contact cards to dual interface cards.  
As the dimensions of SPS Dual 6 are exactly the same as the dimensions of traditional contact micromodules, technical departments at banks can propose contactless payment as a new technology feature without having to require their marketing departments to change artworks, which may be costly given the variety of offers at banks nowadays.  
In addition, Dual 6 micromodules are compatible with all features needed by issuers to offer their customers a full  range  of  cards.  Dual  6  micromodules  can  be  embedded  in  colored  core  cards  thanks  to  pre-laminated antennas available in different colors developed by SPS; they are also compatible with metallic and non-metallic foils that allow a wide variety of designs for high-end cards.  
SPS Dual 6 micromodule is certified by Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover with semiconductors coming from all  leading  providers  of  chips  for  banking  cards.  SPS  has  obtained  multiple  LoAs  (Letter  of  Approval)  for combinations of its Dual 6 micromodules with various semiconductors and various operating systems.  
Olivier Brunet, Product & Marketing director, SPS declares: “The fact that already 50 million cards based on our Dual 6 micromodules are on the field worldwide is the best proof the flexibility provided by our technology is praised by smart card vendors and allows them to be totally reactive to the variety of requirements coming from financial institutions.”
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