SPS appoints Itochu as Japan representative to make the Japanese manufacturers of banking cards and identity documents benefit from its inductive coupling technology

Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS), a world leader in contactless and dual interface card manufacturing technologies, has appointed Itochu, one of the largest Japanese  trading companies, as its representative for Japan, a key market in Asia.


ROUSSET, FRANCE, 18th April 2019– The new agreement between SPS and Itochu builds upon more than 10 years of a sustained technology and commercial relationship between both companies. Thanks to Itochu market presence in Japan and their long-standing experience in commercializing industrial products, they will be able to propose SPS products to smart card and ePassport industrialists in Japan to tackle the growing opportunities that develop on this market.


The agreement between SPS and Itochu covers both the Banking and ID business lines. The Japanese card market is in a fast growth phase especially in anticipation of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020. In this context, the agreement between SPS and Itochu will make both companies become major players on the Japanese market, especially as payment cards in Japan are expected to be issued in dual interface mode by 2020. The identity business is also extremely dynamic in Japan, with a combination of eID cards, ePassports and a wide variety of commercial identity cards.


SPS already has a significant market presence in Asia, with a subsidiary in Singapore and numerous market wins in all Asian sub regions.

Stephane Livet, SPS VP sales for Asia declares: “Now, with this agreement with Itochu, we benefit from a strong partnership with one of the leading trading companies in Japan that will accelerate our presence on this market and ensure we will bring the advantages of our inductive coupling technology to Japanese card and passport manufacturers.”

SPS eBoost® inductive coupling allows card manufacturers to evolve easily from contact cards to dual interface, hybrid and contactless cards while keeping the same equipment and the same process. SPS inductive coupling is compatible with all communication protocols, chips and operating systems delivered by leading manufacturers for the smart card industry. SPS supports card manufacturers at all steps, from the selection process for card bodies and modules all the way to onsite support and precertification.


About SPS

With the SPS brand, IN Groupe opens its secure components technology to all card and document manufacturers. SPS (Smart Packaging Solutions) is specialized in the design, manufacturing and sale of contactless solutions dedicated to ID cards, e-passport and dual interface banking cards. Headquartered in Rousset, France, with a subsidiary in Singapore, SPS employs 140 people. The company specializes in contactless and dual-interface products, with a recognized micro packaging expertise. SPS has filed over 120 patents supporting its exclusive technologies.


Olivier BRUNET, Product & Marketing director, SPS, contact@s-p-s.com

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