Who We Are


Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS) is a main pro-vider of secure and high  added value compo-nents for card and document manufacturers.



SPS  is  specialized  in  the  development,  production  and sale  of  intermediate  products  for  secured  contactless documents,  like  payment,  transportation,  eID  cards  and electronic passports. SPS helps the issuer to  benefit from the contactless growth in the security and identifications market.
SPS is part of the French group ‘Imprimerie Nationale’.
It  provides  high  value  products  in  a  high  security


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About SPS:

The SPS eBooster®, a 10 year proven technology








Market Positioning

Partner of the document manu-facturer and chip agnostic, SPS is therefore positioned  at  the heart  of  the  value chain  as  a  supplier  of  semi-finished

Patent Portfolio

With one third of its headcount dedicated to research and development, SPS is the owner of numerous intellectual and
industrial property rights (over 120 patents) and continues to innovate on a daily basis.

Manufacturing Facilities

With a production capacity of micro-modules for Smart Cards in a class 10 000 clean room, SPS offers  its customers state of the art facilities and is able to provide  first rate, flexible
answers to their requests.