In January 2011, FCDE and Imprimerie Nationale invested in SPS, and became reference shareholders of the company.
The Capital Increase of 7.5 Million Euros jointly subscribed by the IMPRIMERIE NATIONALE Group, the FCDE and the management of the company, enables SPS to:

  • finance the working capital generated by the start of major new contracts
  • grant continued attention to its main customers large industrial and public contractors
  • secure its growth

 In May, 7th 2014, Imprimerie Nationale replaced FCDE in SPS shareholding and become  a 51% majority shareholder.

Didier Trutt, CEO of the Imprimerie Nationale Group“The strategic acquisition of SPS will enable the Imprimerie Nationale Group to make a significant technological advance in secure identity solutions, to strengthen the service to citizens in the context of the tasks undertaken by the IN on the State’s behalf and to strengthen its international base, a vector of growth for the whole French export identity sector.”


The Imprimerie Nationale Group is a high technology company, a secure and reliable service provider and a global secure solution integrator for the State, the private sector and citizens. The Group offers electronic authentication, certification and securitization solutions. Confidentiality is at the heart of its corporate culture and of every assignment. Listed an
« Operator of Vital Importance », the highest level of physical and IT security standards, the Imprimerie Nationale produces over 25 million secure documents per year.

The Imprimerie Nationale manages all electronic and biometric passports processes - development, production and personalization - at its highly secure production plant (PS1 level). The Douai site is listed as an Operator of Vital Importance (OVI).
Drawing on the Imprimerie Nationale’s long established reputation of expertise in highly secure technical integration, the French Government has entrusted the Group to produce the new European Residence Permit in France.
Building on its experience, the Imprimerie Nationale develops a wide range of agent and professional cards with identification and authentication systems tailored to the clients’ needs.