Communication from FCDE, Imprimerie Nationale and SPS

Imprimerie Nationale Group (IN) invests 2 million Euros in Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS) and joins the  « Fonds de Consolidation et de Développement des Entreprises » (FCDE) as reference shareholder of SPS.

SPS specializes in the development of high value added, innovative microelectronic modules dedicated to the new-generation-smart-cards for the Identity and Banking Sectors (Dual Interface). SPS is positioned on fast growing markets:

  • The Identity Market (boosted by demographic growth, international travels, and post September 11th security measures) with growth perspectives for 2009-2015 of around 15.9% for Passports and 6.7% for National Identity Cards.
  • The Banking Market, supported by the growing need to improve the security of transactions and to accelerate contactless payment processes, also faces a growth of more than 15% per year for 2009-2015.

The Capital Increase jointly subscribed by the IN Group, the FCDE -5 Million Euros – and the management
of SPS - half a Million Euros- will enable SPS to:

  • finance the working capital generated by the start of major new contracts
  • grant continued attention to its main customers large industrial and public contractors
  • secure its growth

“The  participation  of  the  FCDE  in  the  capital  of  SPS  allows  the  company  to  consolidate  its  financial
structure and to stabilize its shareholding. The participation of the IN, partner of SPS for several years, is
crucial for the development of our company. In the end, the arrival of these two investors will allow us to
establish ourselves sustainably on the fast growing contactless e-ID and Banking markets”, says Philippe
Patrice, President and General Manager of SPS.
To mark this occasion, Didier Trutt, President and General Manager of the IN Group remarks: “Through this
shareholding,  we  strengthen  our  position  as  operator  of  trust  and  “agnostic  technology  integrator”,
especially  with  regard  to  the  realization  of  the  new  identity  documents  containing  electronic  security
features. FCDE’s entrance in SPS’ capital represents for us a guarantee for SPS’ future and belief in its
Pierre Taillardat, Member of the board of Directors of FCDE states: “We have been seduced by the team
and the solutions developed by SPS. The unique technology of SPS represents a major breakthrough on
the growing Identity and Banking markets. Universal and compliant with all the solutions on the market, its
technology will enable SPS to strengthen its existing relations with the leading actors of the sector.”

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