SPS expands its pre-personalization services offer

Smart Packaging Solutions announces the expansion of its pre-personalization offer with a complete range of services.


ROUSSET, FRANCE, October 15, 2013 - Smart Packaging Solutions is happy to announce the expansion of its pre-personalization offer with tools and procedures that allow smart card embedders to optimize their personalization machine usage.


SPS pre-personalization offer allows to download all fixed data into card modules at manufacturing stage. With its pre-personalization (also called chip initialization) offer, SPS is able to download all data relating to the issuer, including issuer identifiers, file structures, applets, applet-related initial data, and even operating systems. This allows a more consistent split between pre-personalization and end-user personalization where only cardholder-related data have to be written in the chip and on the card at the same time. Pre-personalization brings its advantages in terms of personalization efficiency both for contactless and dual interface cards. It is adapted to banking, government identity and transport application needs.


SPS pre-personalization offer means that card manufacturers receive modules, and inlays that already contain most of the data necessary for the application. They just have to include the end-user personalization stage in their process, leading to a shorter personalization time, and to freeing valuable resources for them to provide the best service to the card issuers.


When security is at stake, SPS is equipped with all the necessary hardware (HSM, Hardware Security Module) and software to treat pre-personalization data, and especially keys, codes, etc. in the most secure manner. SPS guarantees premium quality processes (key ceremony, etc.) managed by experienced and reliable teams.


Olivier Brunet, Product and Marketing director at SPS, declares: “Our pre-personalization offer is the best way for our customers to optimize their resource allocation. When modules are pre-personalized by SPS, the embedder can dedicate its personalization equipment to actual personalization needs, without having to waste time and resources with initialization.”


With SPS pre-personalization, smart card manufacturers can better allocate their personalization resources, and benefit from a shorter time to market as their modules already contain all necessary data including applications, keys and, more globally, issuer related data.


In related news, SPS will exhibit in SmartCards Expo, taking place in New Delhi, India, on October 16 – 18, 2013.


About SPS

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of smart card technologies, Smart Packaging Solutions is specialized in the design, manufacturing and sale of contactless solutions dedicated to ID cards, e-passport and dual interface banking cards. Headquartered in Rousset, France, SPS employs 120 people. The company specializes in contactless and dual-interface products, with a recognized micro packaging expertise. SPS has filed over 100 patents supporting its exclusive technologies. More information at www.s-p-s.com



Olivier BRUNET, Product & Marketing director, SPS, contact@s-p-s.com,
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