Unitec Blue partners with SPS to for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay markets

Smart Packaging Solutions has just engaged in a partnership with Unitec Blue,
a leading chip and smart card manufacturer in Argentina.    
ROUSSET,  FRANCE,  and  CHASCOMUS,  ARGENTINA,  May  12,  2014  -  Smart
Packaging  Solutions,  a  leader  in  smart  card  and  ePassport  technologies,  and
Unitec Blue, a major manufacturer of semi-conductor and smart cards based in
Argentina, are entering a partnership that will boost smart card and electronic
passport market development in Argentina and Uruguay.  
Unitec  Blue  is  the  only  Nanotechnology  plant  in  South  America.  The  company
produces  and  develops  at  present  integrated  circuits  and  semiconductors.  The
company  made  a  significant  investment  in  the technology sector in  Argentina,
acquiring  more  than  220  of  highly  complex  equipment  from  leading
manufacturers worldwide designed to meet the needs of demanding clients in the
marketplace. Unitec Blue facilities count with high quality standards and safety
protocols required internationally by banking entities and state agencies.
Thanks  to  its  extensive  technological  background,  SPS  has  developed  unique
solutions that allow smart card manufacturers to run their production process in
a cost-efficient manner while delivering the highest quality products. SPS specific
technologies  include  dual  interface  smart  cards,  built  upon  the  company’s
inductive  coupling  based  E-Booster®  technology.  The  EBooster®  technology
brings a user friendly and simplified process for dual interface cards enables the
end product to be cost-effective with high reliability materialized by a low field
rate  return.  SPS  offers  its  dual  interface  and  hybrid  solutions  solutions  for
identity  documents  including  eID  cards,  eDriving  licenses,  eHealthcare  cards,
eStudent  cards,  etc.  SPS  has  demonstrated  its  ability  to  manufacture  highly
reliable  full  contactless  ePassport  inlays  or  eCover  which  are  also  perfectly
suitable for visa documents.
With  this  partnership  between  SPS  and  Unitec  Blue,  both  companies  will  work
together  to  integrate  SPS  technologies  that  will  give  Unitec  Blue  a  decisive
advance in the Argentinian, Paraguayan and Uruguayan markets. The partnership
covers  technologies  used  for  dual  technology  banking  cards,  eID  cards  and
ePassports.   Philippe PATRICE, SPS CEO declares: “Our newly signed partnership with Unitec
Blue will enable them to deliver the highest quality products to the Argentinian,
Paraguayan  and  Uruguayan  markets.  We  are  certain  that,  with  our  unique
portfolio of solutions, Unitec Blue will become fast one of the strongest players
in Latin America.”
Matias Gainza EURNEKIAN, President of Unitec Blue added, “the company has the
business  goal  of  becoming  a  platform  for  progress  in  the  technological
capabilities of the region, no doubt this agreement with SPS will collaborate in
the process of constructing technological solutions for regional and international
In  related  news,  SPS  will  be  present  at  Cartes  America  event,  Las  Vegas,  USA,
May 13 -15, 2014 at booth 1722; and also at Cards & Payments Middle East 2014,
Dubai, UAE, May 13-14 at booth E68.  
About SPS
With more than 20 years of experience in the field of smart card technologies,
Smart Packaging Solutions is specialized in the design, manufacturing and sale of
contactless solutions dedicated to ID cards, e-passport and dual interface banking
cards. Headquartered in Rousset, France, SPS employs 120 people. The company
specializes  in  contactless  and  dual-interface  products,  with  a  recognized  micro
packaging  expertise.  SPS  has  filed  over  120  patents  supporting  its  exclusive
technologies. More information at www.s-p-s.com
About Unitec Blue
Unitec  Blue  is  an  Argentinian  company  specialized  in  nanotechnology  which
develops  products  and  services  closely  tailored  to  customer  requirements.  The
company  develops  manufacturing  processes  and  services  that  include,  the
production  of  chips  of  original  silicon  wafers,  packaging  and  their  subsequent
insertion on electronic equipment. More information at www.unitecblue.com
Olivier  BRUNET,  Product  &  Marketing  director,  SPS,  contact@s-p-s.com,  
tel: +33 4 42 53 84 44
Diego  ARGUINDEGUI,  Executive  Manager  E-Government,  Unitec  Blue,
diego.arguindegui@unitecblue.com , Phone + 54 9 11 4536 2509